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PROIV Systems – Global Low-Code Platform

PROIV Systems – Global Low-Code Platform

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  • Do you need to understand AI?

    Whilst speaking to a prospect yesterday, the realisation dawned on me that not everyone understands AI… Not at a technical level but from an abstract commercial application perspective. This is perhaps not surprising given the media hype, the mountain of new acronyms and the inaccurate simplifications of both the threats posed and opportunities presented.  Perhaps…

  • How do I calculate Gross Margin?

    What Is Gross Margin?  Gross margin is the percentage of a company’s revenue that it retains after direct expenses, such as labor and materials, have been subtracted. Gross margin is an important profitability measure that looks at a company’s gross profit compared to its revenue. Gross profit is determined by subtracting the cost of goods sold from revenue.…

  • Gross Margin Calculation

    The principle reason I wrote Gross Margin Calculator was that, as a Sales Manager, I was constantly disappointed with the number of sales reps that would turn up and be completely confused over their numbers. Often confusing gross margin with mark-up in their profit analysis. We all know that being across your numbers is fundamental…