Margin & Pricing Calculator.

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Every type of pricing calculation in one easy to use app.

  • Calculate Gross Margin %. Include or exclude Sales Tax, and delivery options. For Online Merchants you have the option of including platform fees for the most popular sites.
  • Find Selling Price. Cost up pricing letting you enter cost elements and your target margin, letting you quickly see the price you need to sell for.
  • Negotiate a cost price. Your sale price is fixed by the market and you have a target profit in mind. Use the app to calculate your buy price and use it as you negotiate with suppliers.
  • Discount Tool. Close more deals, more profitably by having all the key numbers at your fingertips. Even better this app lets you make percentage refinements to let you quickly see if meeting the buyers ask will leave a healthy profit

Every Calculation You Need…


Customise every Pricing Element.

From services to product, what and where you sell determines what data you need. In this app you can customise:

  • Sales Tax. If you require sales tax then simply enable it and set the rate applicable to your location. For even greater flexibility, once enabled you have the option of selectively applying it to buy and sell side of calculations.
  • Delivery. If you sell physical products then being able to isolate delivery charges is important. It may be a cost that you don’t pass on or a different rate for different platforms. You have complete control!
  • Market Places. Unique to this app, you are able to create cost profiles for the leading marketplaces and then switch between them to see the effect on profit for a constant price. Most powerfully you can easily find a required selling price factoring in platform fees.

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