Margin & Pricing Calculator.

Making Business Life Simpler.

Perfect for retailers and wholesalers who are regularly pricing new inventory.


Comprehensive margin analysis including support for online platform fees like eBay and Shopify. Enter any two elements of price formula (cost, sell, profit) and the app quickly resolves the equation. 


Convenient and fuss free way to experiment with different percentage discounts to help you find the optimum deal for you and your customer. Just enter the price and cost, then visualise the effect of different percentage discounts.


Enter a list of your key products with the last cost price you paid and also the anticipated (typical) cost to ship the item. These products a then be quickly selected in the Margin screen to save you time when checking profit opportunity after a supply price increase.

  • Fast & Intuitive User Interface
  • Cost Price and Sell Price tax options
  • Cost and Sell side shipping costs
  • Find margin, required sell price or required buy price
  • Calculate selling fees associated with online market places
  • Keep a simple list of fast moving or volatile products for use in calculations


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