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  • How do I calculate Gross Margin?

    What Is Gross Margin?  Gross margin is the percentage of a company’s revenue that it retains after direct expenses, such as labor and materials, have been subtracted. Gross margin is an important profitability measure that looks at a company’s gross profit compared to its revenue. Gross profit is determined by subtracting the cost of goods sold from revenue.…

  • Gross Margin Calculation

    The principle reason I wrote Gross Margin Calculator was that, as a Sales Manager, I was constantly disappointed with the number of sales reps that would turn up and be completely confused over their numbers. Often confusing gross margin with mark-up in their profit analysis. We all know that being across your numbers is fundamental…

  • Accessing eBay Repeat Buyers

    One of the (many) things that I really value about retailing on eBay is the fact that it highlights repeat buyers to me. But I do find it frustrating that it’s so clunky to learn more about the customer. In building CXInventory I had the opportunity to fix this. This posts explains the mechanics of…