Cycle Calc

A quick, convenient and intuitive Speed / Time calculator written specifically for cyclists by a Professional Running & Cycling Coach and cyclists.

Take a look : Cycle Calc in App Store

This is for cyclists (clue is in the name!) that want a handy and quick way to do speed / finish time / splits or lap calculations. (Again clue is in the name – you would think).

For instance say you are doing a 25mile TT and you want to finish in 19mins 25seconds, what average speed are you looking for?

Or you are doing a 50 mile Road Race and you track 10mile laps (or splits). If you feel like you could hold average 28mph for the distance; what is your required Split Speed? What’s your finish time?

Sure you could go online, in a browser, do a Google Search and then do several separate calculations to work each of these things out. Or you could have my app, on your iPhone, and it will do all of these calculations simultaneously. You can experiment with different values. And you can do it all super quickly. After all most cyclists like to save time right? 😉

And the big question what the hell is 28mph in new money like KPH?!?!?! (you can use the app to also do conversions both ways)

This app won’t change your life, but sometimes it will make it easier and quicker. So why not pop it on your iPhone now? 


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