Running Pace Calculator

A quick, convenient and intuitive running calculator written for runners by a Professional Running Coach and runner.

– Want to know how fast you need to run to beat your Personal Best at 5k? Or any other distance!

– How long will it take you to finish a Marathon (or any other distance) at your Endurance Pace?

Just a few of the typical questions we all ask ourselves as we plan a training run, estimate our time entering a race or write our race plan.

What about converting from minutes per mile to minutes per kilometre so you know what others are talking about!

Run Pace Calculator is the app every runner needs on their iOS device to make all these essential calculations and conversation super easy and quick. This handy running app is perfect for beginners through club runners to serious racers, regardless of the terrain you run on.

This running calc works for any distance, so if you run 100m sprints or Double Ultras we have you covered.

You enjoy your running whilst we do the maths for you


– Calculate run pace for a set time and distance

– Calculate time for a set pace and distance

– Switch between Metric (kilometres) and Imperial (miles) for Pace and Distance. Plus MIX them up so you can workout 5k in min/miles

I am actively developing this app and have many new features planned for updates in the next few months. Would welcome your feature requests so that I make sure the app only does what you want it to do and is not bloated with features that get in your way! Let me know what would be most helpful.

If you are looking for pretty graphics or a video game experience then this is NOT the App for you! But if you need to do quick running based calculation and conversions the the elegant Run Pace Calculator will be indispensable on your iPhone or iPad


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